Glassfibre heat exchanger

GUPEX® glassfibre polyester (GRP) corrosion resistant air to air plate heat exchanger delivered to a bleaching plant in a large paper factory.

GUPEX® HDS moist air capture system

Gupex AS delivers glassfibre heat exchanger, hoods and duct system, all made of glassfibre, to a new bleach plant in a paper factory. Two GUPEX® HDS moist air capture hoods positioned above two double wire press sections of capture and extract 40000 m3⁄h (24000 cfm). The extracted moist and hot air is extracted and transported through purpose-made GUPEX® HDS ductwork made from of thermally insulating and corrosion proof glass fibre sandwich material. This special duct is a strong, lightweight construction, free from problems with condensation, thermal leaks and loss and also free from water leaks which has been prevented.

GUPEX® type 4 air to air glassfibre plate heat exchanger

A GUPEX® air handling unit type 4 with glassfibre air⁄air heat exchanger was placed on the roof of the paper production factory. The air handling unit (pictured) has an inbuilt corrosion resistant fan unit dimensioned to extract 60000 m3⁄h (35000 cfm) but is currently run at 40000 m3⁄h (24000 cfm) awaiting the installation of another paper production machine.