GPR air air heat exchanger

Gupex delivers glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) air air heat exchanger and air extraction hoods for a big company in the paper manufacturing industry.

The GUPEX corrosion resistant air air heat exchangers made of GRP enables efficient heat recovery from otherwise impossible processes where conventional air handling units break down after a very short time due to harsh, hostile and corrosive air quality. Energy from this type of environment is normally just wasted.

With the increasingly stricter environmental regulations added to the increasing energy costs, recovering energy with GUPEX air air plate heat exchanger and the unique GUPEX air capture technology is not just good for the environment it also makes financial sense.

Hoods over 6 presses

For the last 10 years the paper industry has adopted the GUPEX HDS hood duct system together with the GUPEX air to air plate heat exchangers as one de facto industry standard for optimum energy recovery, building and plant protection and strict work environment compliance.

In this installation 6 presses are fitted with air extraction hoods to catch saturated air and steam at source. Each air extraction hood handles 12000 m3⁄h (7000cfm), thereby preventing moisture from spreading around the factory hall. The result is great improvements in working environment and all moisture related problems in premises became just a fading memory never to return.

Air air heat recovery unit supporting 6 extraction hoods

70000 m3⁄h (41,000 cfm) of moist air from the hoods, plus an additional 40000 m3⁄h (24,000 cfm) from other areas of the factory is extracted by a GUPEX type 4 air to air plate heat exchanger made of GRP. This air to air heat recovery unit is extremely resistant to pollution and very well suitable for the moist, corrosive air which also is filled with fibre from the pulp. The GUPEX air to air heat exchanger is designed to handle large amounts of dust without clogging up.

The fresh dry air which replaces the extracted moist air is carefully measured, pre-heated by the GUPEX heat exchanger, filtered and supplied into the paper machine area, ready to absorb more moisture from the paper production process.