Gupex AS is an international energy engineering, design and installation company with more than 20 years experience in manufacturing air to air industrial plate heat exchangers and heat recovery units made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) for moist, polluted and corrosive air and gas. GUPEX® industrial heat recovery units are installed and operated in moist, dusty and corrosive industrial air environments including most types of waste heat recovery, with a favourable payback time and with a very long operating life. The company also makes the GUPEX® HDS air moisture capture system, an almost de-facto industry standard in paper factory ventilation.

Principle of our air-to-air heat recovery unit

The GUPEX® air to air heat exchangers, made of glass fibre reinforced plastic, become increasingly cost effective with the escalation of energy prices. Gupex AS design and builds the technology of air waste heat recovery from polluted, moist and corrosive air emission and humid flue gas as as well as heat recovery from low temperature air, which is a substatial industrial energy area largely ignored up until now. Retro-fitting of air to air waste heat recovery and heat exchanger batteries in industrial processes has never been more cost effective.

The efficient GUPEX® air pre-heaters and gas gas plate heat recovery units can be fitted to any air and gas flow of more than 2000 m3 per hour (1200 cfm).

Gupex AS is also the manufacturer and supplier of humidity and moisture air ventilation and heat recovery systems for the wire section, press section and the dryer section of paper factory production machines, including the GUPEX® HDS moisture capture system.

The GUPEX® air to air (gas to gas) plate heat exchanger unit are designed for exhaust air handling in dusty environments without air filters to protect them from clogging up the plates. The GUPEX® technology is used for recovering heat and energy from many industrial air and gas processes and environments, including:

  • Zinc plating air heat recovery
  • Galvanizing air heat recovery
  • Electro-plating air heat recovery
  • Air heat recovery metallurgical processes
  • Exhaust gas scrubber processes
  • Aluminium and magnesium foundries
  • Tumble drying processes
  • Welding workshop air extraction
  • Food processing heat recovery
  • Woodworking processes
  • Paper Factory ventilation
  • Exhaust air energy recovery
  • Energy efficient dehumidification
  • Gas and air purification (scrubbing)
  • Waste heat Recovery
  • Flue gas heat recovery

The GUPEX® air to air (gas to gas) heat exchangers offer the advantages of low weight, high mechanical strength and high resistance to corrosive air. The surface finish of the heat transfer plates are smooth and easy to clean, making the heat exchanger practically maintenance free. The heat exchanger unit is supplied with large inspection doors and spacious chambers for easy inspection and cleaning.

Heat and Energy Consultancy

As part of supply of turn-key or partial air heat recovery installation Gupex AS offers HVAC consultancy and advice, as well as advice on effects regarding corrosion and wear, cost analysis, project analysis and engineering services.


Activity Update

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Plastic Fans

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