Industrial Air to Air Plate Heat Exchangers

GUPEX® industrial air air heat exchangers made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) is a cost effective plate heat exchanger unit with ever improving payback time as energy prices increase, combined with very long economic life. Gupex AS has developed the technology of heat recovery from polluted and corrosive emission as well as heat recovery from low temperature process air and gas, an area which has been ignored up until now.
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Paper Machine Factory Hall Ventilation

Large quantities of moist and humid air and steam evaporate from paper production machine into the machine hall during paper manufacturing, from the wire section, the press section and the dryer section. The vapour and steam is corrosive and destructive to all the surfaces in the machine hall onto which it condensates, including concrete constructions, steel reinforcements, factory plant and the paper machine itself.
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Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD)

Coal-fired Power Stations

The GUPEX® gas to gas plate heat exchangers are designed for lower-range temperature areas of flue gasses from coal fired power station processes. The air air (gas gas) plate heat exchanger is a very good alternative to the rotating heat exhangers. And with no moving parts and with its excellent chemical resistance the plate heat exchanger improves efficiency and pay-back time and reduce the cost.
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