Industrial Air to Air Plate Heat Exchangers

Industrial Plate Heat Exchangers for Corrosive Air and Gas

GUPEX® industrial air air heat exchangers, made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP), is a cost effective plate heat exchanger unit with ever improving payback time as energy prices increase, combined with very long economic life. Gupex AS has developed the technology of heat recovery from polluted and corrosive emission as well as heat recovery from low temperature process air and gas, an area which has been ignored up until now.

The GUPEX® air to air plate heat exchangers operate in dusty environments without the need for air filters to protect it from clogging up the plates. The construction is made of plastic (polyester) composites, resistant of most acids and chemicals. The GUPEX® technology is used to recover heat and energy from air and gas in many industrial processes and environments, including:

GUPEX type 3 air to air plate heat exchanger
  • Zinc plating (ventilation air heat recovery)
  • Galvanizing (ventilation air heat recovery)
  • Electro-plating (ventilation air heat recovery)
  • Metallurgical processes
  • Gas Scrubbing⁄Gas cleaning processes
  • Aluminium and magnesium foundries
  • Tumble drying air heat recovery
  • Welding workshop extraction heat recovery
  • Food processing
  • Woodworking processes
  • Paper Factory ventilation and air extraction
  • Machine hall ventilation and heat recovery
  • Cooling and reheating of air in de-humidification processes
  • Gas and air purification processes

Many of the GUPEX® industrial air air heat exchangers have been in operation for more than 20 years in the most extreme industrial environments.

The most extreme industrial environments - GUPEX® go on and on.

The GUPEX® polyester air air plate heat exchanger is built for the most most extreme air atmosphere conditions, offering the advantages of low weight, high mechanical strength, high thermal insulation and high resistance to corrosive air and gas atmospheres. The surface finish of the air or gas heat transfer plates is smooth and easy to clean, making the heat exchanger practically maintenance free. The heat exchanger body is supplied with large inspection doors and spacious chambers for easy inspection and cleaning. The heat exchanger casing is made of insulated sandwich material, preventing any excess heat loss. It can also be made of other materials as an option.

GUPEX® air pre-heaters and gas-gas plate heat exchangers can be fitted to any air and gas flow of more than 2000 m3 per hour (approx 1200 cfm) up to more than 1 million m3⁄hr (600,000 cfm).

To retrofit the GUPEX® polyester air air (gas to gas) plate heat exchangers as part of energy recovery program has never had a better payback time.