Gas to gas Heat Exchangers for Scrubbers

Principle gas to gas heat exchanger for scrubber

GUPEX® gas to gas (air air) plate heat exchanger for heat energy recovery in flue gas and exhaust air and gas scrubber processes (e.g. flue gas desulphurisation - FDG) enables accurate control of air flow temperatures throughout the various stages in the flue gas scrubbing process. The heat exchanger also enables the recovery of energy which would otherwise be wasted.

To position the gas⁄gas polyester plate heat exchanger after the scrubbing unit is an extremely effective installation from an energy conservation and recovery point of view. Not only will the energy recovered be significant in isolation but the heat exchanger will increase the overall efficiency of the gas scrubbing unit.

The airflow from the scrubber will typically be moist - saturated with water vapour - and it will contain remnants of pollution particles which have failed to be removed in the scrubber. Such operational conditions are normally not suitable for air to air heat exchangers, like those made of aluminum or steel. However, the GUPEX® gas to gas plastic (GRP) heat exchanger will not only be resistant to most of the corrosive chemicals in the air flow and be completely unaffected by even larger particles in the gas flow, but the heat exchanger is also designed to handle any amount of water condensing in the heat exchanger.

The enormous energy release from the water condensation process will be captured by the plastic air-to-air heat exchanger and transferred from the hot side to the cold side air and gas flow. The condensed water will also contain some pollution that passed through the scrubber which will be perfectly harmless to a GUPEX® air air heat exchanger. The result of the condensation is a substantial increased overall efficiency of both the scrubber and heat exchanger. And that the result is that much more energy (and cost) is recovered.

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